What Bitcoin Did #106 Why Block Reorgs are Bad for Bitcoin with Adam Back and Bryan Bishop

Interview location: New York

Interview date: Sunday 12th May, 2019

Company: Adam – Blockstream | Bryan – Independent

Role: Adam – Cofounder | Bryan – Core Developer

Following the recent hack of Binance for over 7,000 Bitcoin, a debate was sparked on Twitter regarding returning the funds using a block reorg. While this topic may have been discussed in the past, being new to Bitcoin, I was unaware of the history.

There are many technical aspects to how Bitcoin functions and to the less technical it can be challenging to grasp. I was unaware that block reorgs happen regularly in Bitcoin and why.

I caught up with Adam Back from Blockstream and Bitcoin Core Developer, Bryan Bishop to understand more about what block reorgs are and why large reorgs to reverse transactions are bad for Bitcoin.

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