Bitcoin & Co. – Smuggler: A Cryptoanarchists View on Bitcoin, Democracy, Dark Nets and Privacy

The Bitcoin & Co. podcast is a bitcoin-only show that’s focusing on the why of Bitcoin. Why is it important for humanity, what are the implications from a privacy perspective, how are we able to grow this space together, what are the visions of the people who drive the Bitcoin space. I want to look behind the scenes and take you with me on this journey.

Sometimes my guests are rather critical about bitcoin, which I think, is a good thing. Bitcoiners tend to be full of hopium and forget to look for possible downsides. But only with critical thinking, things can be improved. Today’s guest is Smuggler, a cryptoanarchist I met at the Hackers Congress in Prague. We had a wide-ranging conversation about cryptoanarchy, privacy, technology and democracy and he shares some ‘” at least in the Bitcoin space ‘” unpopular opinions about Bitcoin. He also shares some methods to escape mass surveillance on your phone and computer. I think it is a great conversation, which is why it is longer than usual.

We talk about:

  • Nation States, corporations, politicians and power
  • Cryptography and dangers of technology
  • His vision of the future
  • Alternatives to the state and the market
  • Bitcoin governance
  • Where Bitcoin sucks
  • Scrit Cash
  • Privacy and mass surveillance
  • Pseudonomous societies
  • Dark nets and the dark web
  • Anonymity and civility
  • How to be not mass surveillanced
  • IP intelligence