Bitcoin & Co. '" Philipp E. Dettwiler on Merging Traditional Banking With Bitcoin and Digital Assets

Phil Dettwiler is Head of Custody Storage & Transaction Banking at SEBA Bank AG, the first crypto bank that was granted a banking license in Switzerland. Being a banker all of his life, he sees the investment opportunity in bitcoin and likes the possibility of independent banking. Phil also answers the question: Why do we need banks in Bitcoin?

SEBA Bank AG enables professional and institutional clients to invest, safely keep, trade and borrow against traditional and digital assets, as well as issue tokens, in one place.


  • The banking license for SEBA
  • Bitcoin as investment opportunity
  • The possibility of independent banking
  • Why a bank in bitcoin? Blockchain Trilemma
  • How a bank handles crypto custody
  • Latency and security
  • The future of banking
  • Central Bank Digital Currency and traditional banking
  • Volatility and liquidity
  • Facebooks Libra
  • Developing their own wallet solutions
  • Deposit protection and insurance market
  • Tokenization, Asset Tokens and the insurance market