The US is number one…in blockchain patents

But the company with the most patents isn’t even American. Source:

Top 5 cryptocurrencies to watch this week: BTC, NEO, XMR, ADA, LINK

Bitcoin is attempting to form a bottom altcoins continue to decline, which opens up opportunities on the long and the short side. Source: https://cointeleg…

Bitcoin Skeptic Turns Bitcoin Bull: Billion Dollar Company Buys 17K BTC in 74 Hours

Nasdaq-listed company Microstrategy recently bought almost 17K bitcoins within 74 hours, costing about $175 million. The CEO of this billion-dollar company…

Gibraltar updates DLT framework to comply with FATF rules

Once again, Gibraltar is taking the lead in crypto regulations. Source:

The emergence of cryptocurrency hedge funds

Although the nascent crypto hedge fund industry still has lots of developing to do, it will undoubtedly be the future of finance. Source: https://cointeleg…

World’s largest sovereign wealth fund indirectly holds almost 600 Bitcoin

Mainstream finance giants may hold more Bitcoin than you think. Source:

Brazen Nigerian Crypto Scam Inksnation Still Operational Three Months After Regulator Warning

One of Nigeria’s most brazen crypto scams, Inksnation remains operational and still invites new investors some three months after the country’s…

Former government contractor avoids jail for mining crypto at work

Just don’t use work resources for personal gain. Source:

Understanding the landscape of decentralized finance

There are exciting ways to make extra income from engaging in the DeFI market and locking assets in decentralized protocols. Source: https://cointelegraph….

Party at Vitalik’s House? For DeFi, it’s Do-or-Die

Ethereum gas prices have set new records, with single DeFi transactions costing over $10 in fees. High fees are the result of congestion, as users pay ever…